ISHIDA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is a professional leading
  Manufacturer in the line of Pneumatic slitting score knife & holder. Also Our Company with an international outlook has exported products to many countries in the world

Our success in Taiwan is well recognized. We actually build and
  support the equipment and systems here in Taiwan. Our strong association means that we have obtained the most impressive "Pneumatic slitting score knife & holder" skill and knowledge in the world.

We understand the need to respond rapidly to market requirements,
and at a competitive cost, the focus is always on the very highest engineering qualities- efficiency, sturdiness, practical innovation, easy maintenance and durability. This has resulted in our current position as not only Taiwan's leading Pneumatic slitting score knife & holder company, but also a well-respected one overseas.

Our philosophy is to provide the best equipment and service in
Pneumatic slitting score knife & holder equipment. We train people, stock spares, provide expert service and have a genuine interest in keeping our clients satisfied. Our whole organization demonstrates our long-term commitment to this end.

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